Yushi Hisg Insulation Solar glass®  

Solar energy saving glass (HISG) has power generation, thermal insulation and anti-ultraviolet and other multi-functional solar photovoltaic modules. The key technology of this research and development is to use "Off-module Power Enhanced" technology applied into the solar photovoltaic module, utilize of insulation film reflection characteristics of the sun will be reflected back to the solar module in the first surface for secondary power generation. By measurement this technology can increase power efficiency by 8%.



建築研究所EAG House

Yushi - HISG 高雄市立龍興小學組合式屋頂

Yushi - HISG 建築研究所EAG House

Completed in 2011
Total area
: 75 M2

Completed in 2009
Total area : 18 M2




Yushi - HISG 英國諾丁漢大學節能示範屋

Yushi - HISG 私人住宅採光罩

Completed in 2014
Total area : 3 M2


Completed in 2010
Total area : 60 M2




Yushi - HISG 台北捷運站(大安森林公園站)   Yushi - HISG 國立臺灣科技大學臺灣建築科技中心

Completed in 2012
Total area : 12 M2


Completed in 2014
Total area : 29.26 M2

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