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Solar energy saving glass (HISG) has power generation, thermal insulation and anti-ultraviolet and other multi-functional solar photovoltaic modules. The key technology of this research and development is to use "Off-module Power Enhanced" technology applied into the solar photovoltaic module, utilize of insulation film reflection characteristics of the sun will be reflected back to the solar module in the first surface for secondary power generation. By measurement this technology can increase power efficiency by 8%.


HISG Project Features

HISG Products Features

HISG Energy Saving Analysis of 3 Different Glass Test Hourse

HISG Energy Saving Analysis of 3 Different Glass Test Hourse

Hisg Insulation Solar glass®  Advantages

Yushi Hisg Insuiation Solar glass®

1、Transparent Thin-film Modules
Compared to the general single crystal silicon module, with elegant black lines and light transmission perspective characteristics.

2、Renewable Energy
The use of solar photovoltaic conversion to generate electricity, replace with the general window glass to reach building-integrated photovoltaics (BIPV).

Low SC value, resistance to radiant heat transfer into indoor.
Low U-value, protection indoor temperature (cold and hot air conditioner) is not easy to lose.

Unique double air interspace suspended film structure, increase temperature of the indoor glass, dew condensation will not easily happen.

Ultraviolet transmittance is near zero, protecting the interior furniture from aging.

Yushi Hisg Insuiation Solar glass®
Discovery Technology New Asia - Three integrated solar glass in the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology
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