Pilkington OptiView™ Anti-Reflective Glass

Pilkington OptiView™ can be used to enhance any view, either looking inwards or outwards. At night, occupants in high rise condominiums or apartments can enjoy spectacular views from their residence, reducing reflected images in the glass as seen with standard glass.

Adding to its unique properties, it is available in larger sizes and achieves a more neutral color than any other anti-reflective glasses, providing architects with greater freedom to innovate than before. Pilkington OptiView™ is easily fabricated due to the durable coating and when incorporated into insulating glass units, it can be combined with other products from the Pilkington range to provide additional benefits such as solar control or thermal insulation.


Use of Glass

Yushi - Pilkington OptiView™ Anti-Reflective Glass

Monolithic Application
A single lite of Pilkington OptiView™ can be used in a monolithic application, with the anti-reflective coating on one surface, which reduces visible light reflectance and allows more visible light to pass through, when compared to clear float glass with 8% light reflectance as standard.

Laminated Glass
Pilkington OptiView™ is a laminated glass with anti-reflective coatings on surfaces #1 and #4 (both outer surfaces of the laminated glass), which reduces interior and exterior visible light reflectance to under 2%. As a consequence, views from both inside and out are clear, un-obscured and virtually reflection-free.


Project Examples - Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum

Yushi - Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum Yushi - Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum

Project Examples - Maserati

Yushi - 瑪莎拉蒂 Maserati  Yushi - 瑪莎拉蒂 Maserati 

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