Yushi®  Low-E Energy-saving Glass

Yushi Low-E Energy-saving Glass is high performance on-line coated low-emissivity glass, the material glass is provided by Pilkington / NSG Group, a world-renowned glass maker, processing in Taiwan, quality is stable, color is beautiful and unique,emphasizes the control of solar thermal energy,low visible light reflectance and low emissivity, meet most of the green building indicators, Yushi Low-E Energy-saving Glass the excellent choice for both commercial and residential building.


Yushi Low-E Energy-saving Glass could be diversified processing, customized production, accordance with the different needs, Yushi Low-E Energy-saving Glass could be used as a One Single pane glass, laminated glass or double pane glass. Yushi Low-E Energy-saving Glass (single glass or laminated glass) coated surface exposed and contact with Indoor air, could reduce the heat perfusion rate (U-Value/K-Value),increase the blocking effect of the solar radiation rate,the surface of the coated could increase the surface hardness of the glass (the hardness of the glass surface is increased from 7 to 9),a layer of protection。

Yushi®  Low-E Energy-saving Glass


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