Heat Mirror® Insulating Glass
Since 1980, Heat Mirror® insulating glass has been used around the world in structures ranging from single family homes to high profile projects for Fortune 500 companies. Southwall Technologies manufactures its films using a proprietary sputter coating process that deposits a thin layer of metals and metal oxides onto a flexible substrate, usually polyester. In the sputtering process, a solid target and a substrate are placed in a large vacuum chamber. This coated films which are suspended (SCF Suspended Coated Film) in the middle of an insulating glass unit to create multiple insulating cavities, (SCF Suspended Coated Film) in the middle of an insulating glass unit to create multiple insulating cavities, creating industry leading performance.
Heat Mirror® units are available in a wide variety of films with diverse glass products; the performance needed for almost any project can be realized, making Heat Mirror® an ideal choice for almost every application.

Use of Glass:
Residential or Home Solutions / Commercial applications / Structural or non-structural facades / Showrooms / Skylights

Yushi - Heat Mirror® Insulating Glass  Yushi - Heat Mirror® Insulating Glass 
Yushi - Heat Mirror® Insulating Glass 

 Heat Mirror® Advantages

Heat Mirror® Insulating Glass


Visually Clear and colorless
High performance with clear appearance.


Energy Efficiency
In cold winter conditions and hot summer condition, Heat Mirror® IGU's very high insulation performance reduces the need for perimeter heating and cooling systems otherwise needed for comfort in commercial buildings, thus providing further energy savings.

Heat Mirror® Insulating Glass


Super Solar Control
A range of choices including SHGC performance below 0.20 reducing chiller requirements and indoor comfort.


Higher Sound Control
Heat Mirror® IGU's unique construction insulates against unwanted sound transmission better than ordinary double-pane windows.

Heat Mirror® Insulating Glass


High Ultraviolet Protection
99.5% of ultraviolet radiation is blocked increasing the life of fabrics, furniture, flooring and other items in the home. 85% of near-infrared radiation is blocked also resulting in reduced fading.


Increased Comfort (High R-value, Low U-value)
Higher R-value makes warmer around windows in winter Higher Solar control makes cooler around windows in summer.



LEED / Sustainable Design
Heat Mirror® IGU can help designers realize up to 21 LEED points (based upon design execution).


Minimal Condensation
Heat Mirror® IGU's resists condensation at exterior temperatures up to 45 degrees colder than conventional insulating glass, a particularly important benefit for pool and spa enclosures, computer rooms, and other high-humidity environments.


Heat Mirror® Super Glass for Skylight

Skylight design is always been a tough challenge for every roof-top designer. While the skylight brings light into interior, it also facing the solar heat transfer caused by conduction and convection. In this case, most people choosing Solar Control Low-E insulating glass products to solve this problem, but it is an account of degradation in insulation performance which affects insulating glass units when they are installed in sloped orientations.

Unlike most high-performance low-e insulating glass products, which lose up 46% of their insulation performance when sloped, Heat Mirror® Super Glass unit creates triple cavities with no additional weight and experience only a 1% loss of insulation performance when sloped.

Yushi - Heat Mirror® Super Glass for Skylight
Heat Mirror® Insulating Glass
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